4 Great Benefits Of Door And Window Sensors

You may think your home is completely safe if you have door and window locks in place, but have you considered installing door and window sensors as an additional measure? Avia's door and window sensors make a home safer by alerting you when a door or window is opened, meaning you have complete visibility of the entry and exit points to your home. Still not convinced? Here are our top 4 benefits of door and window sensors.

1. Keep Criminals Out

The main advantage of window and door sensors is that you will be notified whenever the sensors are triggered. This means that if an intruder attempts to break in via a door or window, you can take action straight away. Some also have automated alarms that go off if triggered, acting as a deterrent to criminals. All of this results in you, your family and your belongings remaining much safer from break-ins. Plus, because Avia uses Apple servers, the sensors can be fully integrated with your existing Apple devices for ease of access and protection from potential hacking risks.

2. Keep Family In

Whether you have young children who love to run off or you have teenagers who like to sneak out at night, an alert every time a door or window opens could be a good deterrent! Plus, you can relax knowing that if any family members try to make a sudden exit, you have complete visibility - you'll know which way they left the house and will probably be able to catch up with them before they wander too far.

3. Peace Of Mind

Of course, both of the above factors result in peace of mind for you. Although not tangible, this is arguably the most important benefit of all. Going to bed at night and knowing you can sleep with full protection over your windows and doors will make you feel at ease and able to relax. If you have valuable goods or have suffered from break-ins in the past, this is invaluable.

4. Flexibility

Door and window sensors are not limited in their capabilities. They can be used on numerous types of windows and doors, including skylights and sliding doors. Avia’s innovative technology ensures that they can be safely installed on doors or windows of any size, shape or position and still perform to their optimum capacity while remaining subtle.

To begin reaping the benefits of window security sensors, contact us at Avia today. We're more than happy to explain more about our automated home services.


Image Source: Unsplash