5 Genius Uses Of A Smart Socket

A smart socket can be a fantastic addition to your home. But what are smart sockets and how can you use them? We explore five incredible uses that could make your life easier.

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1. Monitor Power Consumption

Some smart sockets like the one from Avia smart can monitor and report power usage. Not sure what your lamp or appliance is costing to run? Download the free Avia app, set up your socket and away you go. You can track your usage and get feedback on what its cost you.

2. Monitor Your Heating

We are all trying to use our heating a little less, but still want to come home to a warm house. Smart sockets may be used mainly for security purposes, but they can even support you with your heating. You can use your smart socket to switch a heater on remotely to warm up a garage or external building to prepare it for you in advance. And if you leave without remembering to switch it off, you can even do this with your smart socket.

3. Enjoy Easier DIY

Do you want to know how to use smart sockets for DIY? If you’re tired of waiting for cordless tools to charge, this one’s for you! You can pop the tool’s charger into the socket without turning it on, and then do so remotely when you know you will want your tool charged.

4. Boost Your Security

Do you usually leave your lights on to give the impression you’re home? This security hack for holidays can use up electricity and might actually be easy for burglars to spot. Smart sockets provide a great alternative, as you can schedule your lights, radios etc. to turn on or off at pre-set times, giving a more convincing impression that your home is occupied.

5. Easy Conversion

How do smart sockets work with your existing items? If you already have many non-smart devices, then you can easily convert them with a smart socket. Even a non-smart lamp or radio can be used remotely if you have a smart socket, so there is no need to buy all new items.

Do you want to add smart sockets to your home and find out more about how to use smart sockets? Get in touch with Avia Smart or explore our range today.

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Image Source: Unsplash