Best 6 Smart Gadgets For Home Security

Increasing your home security should be high up on your 2022 agenda - and, with the increasing amounts of smart gadgets available, you can do it easily. 

But what are the best options for improving your home security? We take a look at the best six smart gadgets to give you a secure home with incredible technology.

1. Video Doorbells

Have you ever had someone ring your doorbell and been unsure who is on the other side? A video doorbell can keep you that little bit safer by allowing you to see who is there, whether you are home or not. You won’t even have to alert the visitor to your presence - though some will allow two-way communication.

2. Smart Locks

If you are seeking an update from your traditional locks, then smart locks allow for keyless entry. This can be done via a code, your fingerprint on a scanner, or a Bluetooth fob - or using your smartphone. You will be able to check who is accessing your home and control it more closely, even if you’re out of town.

3. Window Sensors

Burglar alarm window sensors are an essential smart gadget for improving your home security. These smart sensors will alert you if there has been a forced entry through one of your windows. Not only that, but you will be able to know when a window has been left open - great for if you want to check in on older relatives or children.

4. Smart Plugs

Do you want your home to look lived in when you’re away in order to deter intruders from attempting entry? Smart plugs are a fantastic way to do this, as you can control them via a smartphone or set them to timers. You can turn on your lights when you aren’t in, giving the illusion of someone being home when you need to.

5. Cameras

Both inside and outside of your home, installing cameras can be an excellent way to monitor activity in and around your property lines. You can set up audio to deter unwanted intruders, or just check in on your home when you aren’t there.

6. Smart PIR Sensors

For those who want extra security, smart PIR sensors are the perfect way to monitor your home for movement. If there is unexpected movement, you will be informed through your smartphone.
These six smart gadgets can give you the security you’re looking for easily. If you are seeking a high-security smart lock for your door that you can control with your smartphone, then get in touch with Avia to find out more about our amazing options.


Image Source: Pixabay