Bluetooth Or Wifi Smart Locks, Which Is Right For You?

When seeking to upgrade from a traditional lock to a smart lock, it might seem like a straightforward choice - but you have even more to consider! 

Here, we take a look at whether Bluetooth or Wi-Fi smart locks are right for you, and see how Avia could have the best choice for your home.

Bluetooth Offers Convenience At Home

If you're sick of trying to get into your home with hands full of shopping, then a Bluetooth smart lock could be the one for you. This lock offers hands-free convenience at home, as long as your smartphone or Bluetooth fob is within range of the receiver/sensor. Not only that, but if you're concerned about power cuts and live in a more rural area, then these locks are battery powered. You won’t be locked out if a power outage does occur.

Bluetooth Can Be Limiting

Bluetooth smart locks can be a little limiting in some cases when it comes to the distance you can use them. However, if you use your Bluetooth smart lock with an Apple Homehub, this issue vanishes. You'll be able to use your lock from across town or across the globe, as well as when you’re nearby.

Do Smart Locks Need Wi-Fi?

Not all smart locks need Wi-Fi, but if you invest in a Wi-Fi smart lock, you will require the lock to function. The upside of this is that Wi-Fi smart locks have an unlimited range as long as your connection is online, and you will benefit from remote alerts. Not only that, but you won’t need any extras in order to control your lock while away from home.

Wi-Fi Is Dependent On Power

Wi-Fi smart locks can be limited due to their dependence on power. If you have a power cut or your Wi-Fi connection fails, you will need to return to using your traditional lock. For those without a reliable Wi-Fi connection, Bluetooth smart locks will be easier to connect to.

So, which smart lock is right for you? There are pros and cons to either choice, and your decision will be based on a range of factors - how you wish to use it, when you will need it, and more.

Based on your requirements and budget, you can find the perfect smart lock with Avia - our Avia Secure Smart Lock could be the best decision you make for your convenience and security, so check it out today.


Image Source: Unsplash