How Long Have Smart Locks Been Around? A Brief History

Smart locks are one of the fastest-growing technologies in home automation. But the idea that they represent a new technology is false; they've actually been around for a lot longer than many people think. Let's take a quick look into the history of smart locks and how they've evolved over time.

Smart Locks In The 1990s

Smart locks aren't a new technology. In the 1990s, hotels began to install key cards as a means of restricting access to hotel rooms. The basic idea behind key card locks is to use cards with a magnetic strip, similar to ATM cards, to lock and unlock doors. This made it possible to control access digitally in a world that was still very much analogue.

Why Smart Locks Are Only Taking Off Now

While these early smart locks took off in popularity in hotels around the world throughout the 90s, more advanced smart locks are only just beginning to seem common in domestic homes. In part, this is due to the ease with which smart technology can now be implemented even in small-scale settings, such as small businesses and private homes.

Today, smart locks are seen as more convenient and more secure than traditional door locks. Both of these advantages contributed to the popularity of smart key card locks in hotels in the 90s, but the cost of installing key cards and the complexity of the systems required to control them meant they weren't a realistic option for private homeowners.

Smart Home Automation And The IoT

The Internet of Things, or IoT, has played a huge role in the rise of smart locks and other smart devices around the home. The Internet of Things connects machines around the home to each other via the internet, making it easier for devices to communicate with each other and create a streamlined living experience. Some examples of IoT devices include smart bulbs and smart thermostats.

The growing popularity of using a smart house lock is an example of how we're becoming more comfortable with living in an increasingly connected world - one where our phones have replaced our wallets and our car keys, and we can control everything at the touch of a button. Smart locks are no different, offering homeowners a cost-effective, secure, and convenient way to lock doors and windows at the mere touch of a button.

Smart door locks in the UK aren't a new technology, but their widespread adoption means more people than ever are aware of the advantages they offer - and our growing adoption of smart technology makes them ever more likely to be a common sight in homes and businesses around the world over the coming years.

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