How To Install A Smart Lock

When making your home a smart home, a simple gadget to include is a smart lock. Smart door lock installation is not much more difficult than changing a standard lock in the home. There are many security benefits to smart lock installation, and you can choose between installing it yourself and having it done professionally. If you want to DIY it, here's a video tutorial on installing the Avia Secure Smart Lock.

The Basics

The first thing to do is determine whether your lock and door are suitable for a straight swap. You can determine this by using the capability checker on the site. 

A smart lock consists of an exterior security handle, an interior motor driven lock and a Eurocylinder that operates your existing multipoint locking system. The job is to get them all connected during installation. 

Remove The Old Lock

Standard locks can be removed easily. Find the single screw on the opening edge of the door that holds the Eurocylinder in place and remove it. Two screws on the interior handle can then be removed and the interior and exterior handle can be taken off. 

Install The Smart Lock

Avia provide an installation video in the app and on Youtube showing you how to fit the Avia Smart Lock. The only tool you need is a screwdriver. 

Once you’ve installed it, simply scan the QR code to add Avia to your app and operate it.

There you have it - that's how to install smart lock technology into your door as part of your smart home.


Image source: Unsplash