The Benefits Of An Apple HomeKit Smart Lock

Smart locks are a convenient solution for managing entry into your house, and the products of security technology advancements. Such advancements have further incorporated smartphone use alongside smart locks, enabling voice commands and even remote locking and unlocking doors. This article highlights the benefits of relying on Apple HomeKit to control your smart locks.

What Is Apple HomeKit?

Apple HomeKit is a system that gives you control over compatible smart home devices, such as smart lamps, locks, and thermostats. HomeKit centralises control of your smart devices, allows for remote control, and improves efficiency in performing those tasks. Access to HomeKit on your iPhone through the Home app enables even faster and seamless control over those devices. For example, you can ask Siri to unlock your door when you arrive home, carrying groceries with both hands. You only need to add those compatible devices on the My Home tab in the app and enable remote access and event scheduling in the Automation tab.

What Are The benefits Of An Apple HomeKit Smart Lock?

Enhanced Security

Apple is known for its high standards and uncompromising approach to the security of its devices and software, aided mainly through the closed-source nature of iOS. On the other hand, Android is open-source, allowing for greater customisation but giving plenty of opportunity for malicious attacks and other vulnerabilities. Your smart lock serves a crucial role in preventing unwanted entry into your house. Therefore, you cannot settle for a smart system as vulnerable as Android-based solutions.


Siri enjoys the same level of security and scrutiny as other Apple products. Therefore, you can securely and conveniently issue voice commands to your smart lock. Remember that time you got home with hands full of groceries? That’s the perfect example of why you need an Apple HomeKit smart lock.


If you’re a fan of Apple, you likely own more than one Apple device. Since you can access Siri across your Apple devices, you can control your smart lock from the Home app on any of those devices. Apple’s continuity characteristic means you can finish altering settings made on one device in another without losing any new alterations.

More Automation And Control Options

HomeKit also enables more control and automation options than what smart locks and Android solutions offer. Apple approves the design of all smart devices compatible with HomeKit while ensuring their software works perfectly on those devices. In turn, said devices access all HomeKit software capabilities.


When you need comprehensive security and convenient access in your home, invest in a smart lock compatible with Apple HomeKit. Such an Apple smart lock will make life easy, primarily through Siri integration. We stock the best HomeKit smart locks, which you should check out next time you're shopping for a HomeKit smart lock in the UK.

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