The Future Of Home Automation Technology

The future of home automation technology is becoming a mainstay for households as it offers a more integrated, connected way of living.

From digital assistants like Siri to smart fridges that let you know when you’re low on milk, home automation is an emerging technology that holds a lot of potential.

Avia is a prime example of bringing automation technology to the home with intelligent smart locks that work with Apple Security. It’s easy to retrofit into existing doors and windows, it features an incredibly secure blend of technology including a 3-star cylinder and intelligently designed handle, and it uses the super secure Apple servers to protect your home and data.

In this article, we’re going to look at how home automation like Avia is revolutionising how we interact with our homes.

How Home Automation Improves Our Lives

Smart home automation, at its core, is designed to add more utility and comfort to our lives at home through automated home services. The possibilities are seemingly endless with what home automation can offer us, but here are a few important areas:

Smart Home Device Integration

We’ve fully embraced smart home devices into the home at this point, with the likes of Apple HomeKit adding much more utility and ease into our lives at home. Smart assistants help us control our home environment in an intuitive way, so we can switch lights or heating on through an application or voice commands. It also adds extra security, as we can use devices like Avia to monitor our locks and allow access to the people we want to.

Smarter Home Appliances

We’ve brought smart technology into many of our existing appliances and gadgets to make them work better for us, too. Smart televisions are probably the most common, allowing us to switch televisions on or off via voice commands. Other novel concepts include smart fridges that let us know when we’re running low on certain items, like milk or eggs. They can even draft shopping lists for us, so we’ll never forget to stock up on our favourite food ever again.

More Control And Customisation

Smart devices offer a lot more control and customisation of our environment to improve comfort and security. For example, the Avia smart lock allows you to configure an entire security ecosystem that pairs with Apple HomeKit. That way, the people who you’d like to give access to your home don’t even need a key for entry. Meanwhile, those without permission don’t stand a chance thanks to sophisticated lock technology.

Smart devices even let you control things like temperature if you have a smart air conditioner. You can set timers to turn on heating or adjust things so that you find the perfect ambient temperature without fine tuning a thermostat.

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Image Source: Canva