The Future Of Home Security Technology

In 2023, it feels like more and more technology is being introduced into our lives, both at work and at home. When it comes to home security, what is the future of home security technology? We dive into the kinds of new smart home technology you can look forward to now and in the future.

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Smart Locks and Smart Homes

The future of smart home technology is only going to make your everyday life easier and more seamless. We all love how our Apple products connect with one another, but what if they could also “talk” to your lock? Whether you live in a house or flat, a smart lock can be a fantastic way to improve your home security and ensure you don’t have to worry about forgetting your keys. You can use the smart lock with a fob or your phone, and this is much more secure than an old-fashioned key and lock system.

Smart Detectors/Sensors

Speaking of home security and protection, an unobtrusive and easy-to-use system can be a great option. Far from being a bulky and challenging security system, the Avia Smart PIR Sensor can detect when someone is coming near to your home, and we have added even more fantastic features. These recent additions include sensors that allow features such as detecting the temperature and quality of the air, the weather and season, and voice-recognition software. This technology will learn from your environment and react appropriately. The future really is now with these detectors.

Burglar Alarms

Burglar alarms have been an essential item for home security for many years. The IoT, (Internet Of Things) seeks to bring this old-fashioned technology into the future. You can look forward to such alarms having facial recognition and a varied sound range. This will give you a better idea of when your home is being broken into, and also reduce the amount of false alerts you receive. Interconnectivity and accuracy are the backbone of new technologies for a smarter and more secure home.

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