Top 5 Ways To Secure Your Home

When you are going away on holiday, it can be difficult to know how best to protect your home while you’re not there. In an ideal world, you would have someone stay there for you and keep an eye on everything, but if your house will be standing empty - read on. We have five top tips for securing your home.

Create An Illusion

The illusion that you are home can be powerful. Having a smart plug with a light on a timer can lead anyone watching your home to believe that someone is home - to create an even better illusion, have it come on at different times of the day.

Keep It Visible

Visibility matters a lot when it comes to keeping your home safe. Is your property visible from the street, can your neighbours see it? If necessary, take some time to cut back your bushes and shrubs so that your house has better visibility. This takes away anywhere for burglars to hide while breaking in, which can deter them from trying it.

Don’t Advertise Your Absence

While it can be very tempting to post your holiday pictures online as you go, this can be a green light to those who might break in. Posting on social media when you aren’t at home lets people know your home is standing empty, and that you aren’t likely to return imminently - so keep it private!

Close Your Curtains

Whether you have blinds or curtains, make sure that they are closed when you’re out - whether for a stretch of time or even just overnight, or for the day. Doing this means that potential burglars cannot look through your windows and see what possessions you have - seeing this could encourage them to come back and break in at a later date.

Make Sure You Can See Your Alarms

Your alarm systems and window sensors are, of course, there to protect your home from break-ins. If you have an alarm that activates when someone attempts to enter your home, alerting you and perhaps even alerting the police, this provides excellent peace of mind. However, you are actually less likely to experience break-ins if you have a visible alarm system. If would-be criminals see your alarm system, they will be less confident about trying to enter your property.

All of these are excellent tips, but for real peace of mind make sure you view our security products. Avia’s products can be fitted into existing doors and windows, and a window security alarm sensor and a smart digital door lock keeping your home safe even when you aren’t in.

To find out more about how our products can keep your home safe and secure, no matter where you are in the world, click here to get started.

Avia-View-Our-Range-Long-CTA-Image Source: Pixabay